Eye on the Ice Inc.
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Eye on the Ice Inc. has been working extensively on the development of an all-in-one wireless
environmental monitoring/alarm system.  The Eye on the Ice system provides feature-rich, real-time monitoring
and alerting solutions that notify our customers of potentially catastrophic environmental events and
allow them to address alerts proactively through appropriate corrective action.


Our system is backed by Hans Wuthrich  a Certified National Ice Technician who is renowned throughout the
world for his ice making superiority.  He has provided crucial input into our user-friendly design which allows
users to install and configure the system themselves within minutes.

Eye on the Ice is recognized as the vendor of choice for real-time environmental monitoring systems. 
Our system can be used in curling rinks and arenas, hockey arenas, server rooms, warehouses, freezers,
restaurants, and anywhere else where the monitoring of humidity, air temperature, ice temperature, and
dewpoint are critical.


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